Missing Megan Lorraine Metzger Connected to Burned Car In Westmoreland County/Police fear Metzger is in Danger

Jul 20 at 12:07pm
  Information continues to trickle in from law enforcement and the pieces are slowly coming together to explain the huge police presence in Oak Grove, Westmoreland County on Thursday July 19, 2018.


What began as a simple investigation of a “suspect vehicle” in a missing person’s case, turned into police responding to a car fire, then an arson investigation and finally a manhunt.

But the story doesn’t stop there. After apprehending the suspect in the arson case police still need help to locate missing woman who’s family car was burned.

The incident also turned into a social media circus with rumors abound and complaints by citizens that law enforcement was not updating the public.

When in fact law enforcement were continuing to learn new details as the incident unfolded.

Captain Chris Hawkins of the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Office said that aspects of the case were unfolding quickly and personnel were tied up looking for the suspect vehicle.

After sifting through numerous reports from agencies, comments from law enforcement and bits and pieces from reputable social media sites this is what we have pieced together.

Rewinding the clock: (finish reading the full story here)

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