Police Search for 3 Possible Missing Swimmers

8-12-2018    Linda Farneth

Police including Colonial Beach Police, Westmoreland Sheriff’s Department, Charles County and the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Commission all joined in a search for 3 possible missing persons this afternoon.

Colonial Beach Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad also joined in the search.

Eye witnesses, employees from High Tides Restaurant reported seeing at least two and possibly three individuals going into the river to retrieve their rafts just before the storm hit this afternoon in Colonial Beach. The witnesses reported that no one was seen coming out.

When police arrived on scene they found the rafts in the water but no persons have been located, nor has anyone come forward to say they were the owners of the rafts. No one has been reported missing as of 8. p.m..

All search and rescue attempts stopped at 9 pm with no bodies recovered.

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