Mold And Mildew Taking Over Your Exterior?

Linda Farneth

With all the wet weather this summer and more to come during hurricane season it’s no surprise that homes are looking a bit black and green these days and that’s not Halloween decorations going up, it’s mold and mildew.

We left the directions and warning up to the experts at Clorox to show you the best way to clean around your home’s exterior.

Although safety goggles and gloves are recommended we would like to add a few tips of our own to help minimize possible damage should your cleaning solution splash.

Purchase some inexpensive face masks for nose and mouth. This will help eliminate some of the fumes you breath in and add some protection to your facial skin from splashes.

Also tie some fiber clothes around the handles of any brushes, mops or other tools you use for cleaning high up. This will help stop dripping down the handles from reaching your gloves and running down on your sleeves.

Don’t try to tackle your entire exterior in one go, it may take a few days to complete all areas, but the results will be so rewarding, both in the appearance of your home and the health of your family.

Instructions on cleaning, ratio of bleach to water and tools needed are in the article below.

Instructions for handling exterior mold and mildew.

Colonial Beach News

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