Robin Schick, Putting The Interest Of Others Before Her Own

By Christopher D. Stine

I am writing to lend my endorsement to Robin Mae Schick as a candidate for Colonial Beach Town Council.

Robin brings an incredible array of experience that makes her uniquely qualified for a council seat.

As a native and lifelong resident, she understands the town and the challenges faced by residents from a perspective that will be found, I believe, nowhere else.

She’s one of the hardest-working people I know, owning and running a small business in town built from the ground up.

After graduating from the University of Virginia she gained experience during her time in the Peace Corps by spending time in Guatemala and building a modernized library complex in an area where nothing of the sort had ever been done before.  Robin spoke NO Spanish when she arrived, but knew the language so well by the time she returned home that she could teach it (and did, at Colonial Beach High School).


In addition, she serves on and has chaired the Colonial Beach Planning Commission, and volunteers her time in a number of other causes.  She has long put the interests of others before her own.

In addition, Robin will bring with her an unquestionable sense of personal integrity, the importance of which absolutely cannot be overemphasized.  I know Robin well enough to be able to say that, as a member of Town Council, any decision Robin makes will put the good of the town and its residents first.

Robin has my confidence, my complete and unqualified support, and my vote.  I urge you to lend her yours as well.

Authorized by Robin Schick for Colonial Beach Town Council

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