Mudd Tavern Road traffic will be stopped up to 10 minutes at a time to allow crews to install traffic signal equipment starting Monday, Feb. 25.

All traffic on Route 606 (Mudd Tavern Road) in Spotsylvania County near Interstate 95 will be stopped up to 10 minutes at a time next week to allow crews to install new traffic signal equipment as part of the project to improve the Exit 118/Thornburg interchange.
Three new traffic signals are being installed near the I-95 on- and off-ramps to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow at the interchange.
Starting Monday, Feb. 25, all Mudd Tavern Road traffic will be stopped intermittently, up to 10 minutes at a time, to allow crews to install the new mast arms for the traffic signals.
Weather permitting, the full traffic stops will only be allowed during the following dates and times:
Monday, Feb. 25 – Tuesday, Feb. 26
·      9:30 a.m. – 11 a.m.
·      1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Traffic will be able to access I-95 except during the traffic stops. To avoid delays, drivers may use Exit 110/Ladysmith in Caroline County or Exit 126/Massaponax in Spotsylvania to enter or exit I-95.
Message boards on Mudd Tavern Road will provide advance notice to the full traffic stops and delays.
In addition to the full traffic stops, local drivers should anticipate alternating, one-way traffic and flagging operations on Mudd Tavern Road, Mallard Road and Dominion Avenue next week.
The new traffic signals will be covered and will not be operational until construction is closer to completion. View the Exit 118 Design for the traffic signal locations.
Construction began in October 2017 to build a new Mudd Tavern Road overpass and improve the interchange east of I-95 and Mallard Road. The $22.4 million project is expected to be complete in September 2019.

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