Starting Tomato Seeds

Garden Log 5-18-19

I’ve spent the last two days working on some neglected yard work. Not as exciting as gardening but a necessary chore after being physically unable to work outdoors for so long.

My back yard has been sucked of all nutrients from my three huge oak trees. I’m hoping by managing the leaves and yard clippings with mulching I’ll be able to put some life back into my back yard soil a little at a time.

Sinus issues and a stomach bug kept me from getting a lot done today but I did manage to get some tomato seeds planted.

I’m trying two methods, first is to start them in an egg carton. I’m utilizing both the top and bottom of the carton.

I’ve also planted several seeds in Solo Cups. I put in about 1/3 cup of soil, sowed in the seeds and covered with about ½ inch of dirt on top. As the plant grows I plan to add soil to make the stem, root more as it grows. The deeper you plant a tomato the more roots grow the better for the plant.

Until they actually sprout it’s not necessary to keep them in sunlight so I’ve put them out of the way in a dark cool area so they will keep moist. Since these containers have no drainage I will have to be careful watering them.

For now I’m simply misting them a couple times a day.

I will eventually poke holes in them as soon as the seeds start to sprout. This is just my method of planting, if you’re the type to be over zealous in watering you may want to ensure your starting containers have good drainage holes.

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