Embarrassment Kept Me From Posting

Garden Log 5-31-19

I must say I was embarrassed to admit that I did not get my radishes planted and my quick compost pile has been a failure. I feel like I haven’t done enough to help the process along, but I realized composting isn’t an exact science.

I don’t have those fancy domestic home grown worms to create castings for me. (In other words No large stockpile of worm poop)

Suffice it to say the compost is heating up a bit but we are way past the 2 week mark and it’s not compost yet. I don’t think the beer, soda combo did anything for it. Maybe it was the lack of ammonia, who knows.

5-31-19 Mulch not compost

So what I have learned is that nature can’t be rushed, unless it wants to be!

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