Resurfacing, Rumble Strips And Spot Widening In King George

Rt. 3, Rt. 206 and Rt. 218 will be milled and paved for a smoother travel surface, with centerline rumble strips and spot widening at various locations to promote safety.
A combined safety and paving project in King George County will start on Wednesday, July 10 to deliver a smoother travel surface on several high-volume roads, and reduce the risk of crashes at spot locations by adding centerline rumble strips and widening the road shoulders.
Work is scheduled to occur on Route 3, Route 206 (Dahlgren Road), Route 218 (Caledon Road), Route 614 (Potomac Drive), Route 624 (Owens Drive) and Route 1150 (Commerce Drive). Lee Hy Paving Corp. is the contactor for this project, which has an estimated total cost of $5 million.
Crews will work at only one location at a time. This ensures that alternate primary routes will remain open to drivers who wish to avoid the work zone.
“Scheduling paving work and safety improvements together will avoid the need to disrupt traffic more than once,” said Stephen McKeever, Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Northern Neck Residency Administrator. “Most importantly, it will deliver a safer driving experience for motorists on several of the most heavily-traveled routes in King George.”
Route 3 work will be underway at night. Lane closures will occur between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m.
On Route 206, Route 218, Route 614, Route 624 and Route 1150, work will be underway during the day. Motorists can expect one-way, alternating traffic in the work zone. Work is not permitted on these routes between 5-9 a.m.
Message boards will be posted in advance to notify motorists of the work locations, dates and times. Boards will be moved as crews progress from one route to the next.
Updated work schedules will be shared weekly in news releases, which will be posted on and shared through VDOT’s Fredericksburg District Twitter account and Fredericksburg District Facebook page.
It will also be included in the weekly lane closure list, Hot Spots.

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