Snakes In The Grass

Garden Log 7-17-19

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted about my garden but between the heat and getting my late spring cleaning done I haven’t done much around the yard.

However I have kept up with the Tomatoes and I’m proud to say they are growing quite well and not once have they shriveled or wilted in this heat.


Most of my time outdoors is spent rescuing Eastern Garter Snakes from two of my younger cats. I know they have a predatory nature but they love to play and roll with these Garter snakes and one day I fear they will find a Copperhead and get bitten.

The boys as I call them, (my third cat is an older and wiser female) have been instrumental in catching a plethora of moles.  I’ve decided to spare you the gory pictures since they seem to have been caught over a few days and are all in different states of decay. I’ll have to dig a mass grave soon.

The boys have caught a little bird this year, which we rescued and took to our local wild life refuge and they have caught many snakes and an occasional squirrel. I try to rescue the birds, squirrels and snakes but I want them to know I appreciate them catching those pesky moles and any mice they find.

It’s so hard to watch them catch and torture any little critter but I have to remember they are wild at heart and if I want them to keep the unwanted critters away I need to show lenience with what ever they catch.

I’m not entirely sure if the garter snakes they are catching are all different ones or if it is two of the same snakes they keep catching. The count of snake rescues this summer is up to 7.

I’d like to leave you with some enlightening words of wisdom but this time I have none so…

Until the next update Happy Gardening.

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