Watching The Grass Grow

Gardening Blog 7-27-19

There is really little to do while waiting for my tomatoes to sprout blossoms. This past heatwave took all my energy.

I know the weather is great and I should be getting out but it seems I just can’t bring myself to get outdoors and plant those poor little green pepper seedlings. In fact I almost forgot about them.

The tomatoes are taking over the small bed and I think maybe I need to start a new bed just for the peppers.

While being cooped up inside during this heatwave I’ve developed a sinus infection which has thrown off my equilibrium. Just performing light duties around the house makes me feel sea sick. But I’m determined to press on.

In the mean time I’m just sitting here watching the grass grow. Which means pretty soon I’ll have to be out there mowing.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a few little flowers. Fingers crossed.

Happy Gardening!



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