Colonial Beach Slated For Feature Live Story on NBC Washington

Colonial Beach Slated For Feature Live Story on NBC Washington

By Linda Farneth

Irene Johnson and Molette Green of NBC Washington visited Colonial Beach on March 3, 2020. The women drove from Washington to Colonial Beach early in the morning and filmed live on Facebook at sunrise from the boardwalk.

Here’s the video.

The women were very impressed with our little beach and quiet town. They had planned to meet up with officials later in the morning. All they knew at this point was that they were in for some tales concerning the Maryland Water line and unbeknownst to them they would hear all about the oyster wars from Mitzi Saffos.

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Mayor Eddie Blunt, Vice Mayor Robin Schick, Susan Mack and Eric Nelson were all on hand at the restaurant to share tales and information for the woman to craft their story.

Irene Johnson and Molette Green

Spoiler Alert the two women were performing reconnaissance for a feature story they plan to run on local vacations spots. Green said in the live video that since people are so concerned about traveling abroad, due to the recent outbreak of the 2019 Corona virus, the women will be highlighting vacation destinations nearby Washington D.C.

On the way home the two woman posted another live car video talking about their experience here in Colonial Beach.

Molette Green compliments the people of Colonial Beach.

One of the best comments is that everyone waves. We know that and now the rest of the world will too. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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