Feeling Daffy Today

Garden Blog 3-6-20

Good Morning Gardeners,

I woke up this morning with all intentions of nursing my illness until my appointment with the doctor later today. (Oh sorry I’ve been sick with the flu.) But as always I couldn’t resist getting online and checking for emails, sales on Etsy or looking to see if one more person joined my news site on Patreon.

As usual Google has a ton of suggested articles for me to read. For some reason those nano-bots that patrol the internet and our use of it, think that I need to find better ways to wake up to make me perky and bright.

Well with the way I’ve felt the last couple of days those little pesky bots are right. But it’s not a Chamomile tea, yoga regimen and yogurt parfait that I need to be perky, just some good old fashioned antibiotics and rest should do the trick.

Anyway all these articles are written by people who stay at home all day and make big bucks on the internet since they got in on the ground floor of the world wide web (Who uses that term anymore? Oh me, I do!) while still living in their parents home and “looking” for a job while playing Mindcraft and deciding weather to stay on MySpace or Create a Facebook account.

Sipping some fruity homemade blended concoction and doing stretching exercises is not practical for everyone, especially those with regular jobs, be it nine to five or shift work.

The fancy shmancy articles say to drink water and eat a good breakfast of nuts, fruits and grains! What are we squirrels? I can’t remember the last time I went foraging for these types of foods, let alone had the energy. But it’s not all hopeless, you can pick up a pack of dried trail mix at your local five and dime. (Who uses that term any more? Oh I do when I don’t want to give an unpaid plug for a particular discount store!)

Seriously you can throw some trail mix into a hot bowl of freshly microwaved instant oatmeal for a healthy breakfast and drink a big glass of tap water to wash it down. There you go you will look and feel fabulous just like those morning bloggers on Twitter and Twitch!

Throw in a few stretches while reaching for the morning coffee in the cabinet and downward bends to feed the cat and you have your exercise regimen! Oh by the way that lunge forward while grabbing the stove to keep from tumbling over when the cat knocked you off your feet, totally qualifies as some awesome Parkour moves!

So what is my point? I’m not really sure, this illness has me loopy, but one thing I did want to mention is a good idea for all of us, is to be a little more discerning of what we view on the internet. The one good piece of advice that is finally circling the web, and I’ve been saying it for years, is to limit your social media usage as it can often make you feel less than adequate, looking at all these freshly dressed models posting selfies in front of green screens that make you think they are in the Bahamas!

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