A Message From The Mayor On COVID19

This is an important message from the Mayor of the Town of Colonial Beach

As you know we are dealing with a very serious issue concerning the COVID-19 virus.

On Sunday March 15th, 2020 the Town of Colonial Beach declared a Local State of Emergency. I think we are one of the first to declare this, and I want you to know why we did it:

Declaring a Local State of Emergency allows us to respond to this virus unimpeded by worries of overtime cost, cost of private contractors and other areas that could be a huge financial burden on our community.

This Declaration allows us to start now in a preemptive manner, to try to get ahead of what our community will need, it also will help carry us through the actual response to this virus, should we have to, and will help us in our request for funding for the monies we spend when this virus abates and goes away.

Next, the governor has requested that we meet in groups no larger than ten people.

We ask that each individual place of business, worship, private clubs, schools, and other local meeting groups adhere to this request. The police department, along with the Department of Health will be monitoring it as well.

Remember, this is ten people in a group, not ten people spaced apart at the grocery store or playground. This is a group of people in a meeting.

I fully expect things to change for the worse:

We are fortunate to have access to resource from the VDH, entities in Northern Virginia and the Westmoreland County Office of Emergency management.

We will try to stay in front of the changes to this virus and will be keeping our website up to date as things change.

The Town offices will remain closed to the public, trash pickup will continue. Bills can be paid online or by regular mail, or you can wait until our offices re-open and you will not be charged a late penalty fee.

The virus is bad, it is going to be around for a while, and we are all going to have to make changes to our daily lives. I ask that everyone help by following the instructions of social distancing, hand washing, not going out if you are sick or if you feel like you are getting sick.

Please take this very seriously so we can all enjoy the wonderful summer months that lay ahead.

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