Your Health Beyond Covid19

Your Health Beyond Covid19

By Linda Farneth

No doubt you’re tired of hearing what to do to keep from catching the virus, but it is important to remember you need to take care of your health in ways that have nothing to do with the virus.

Unfortunately because of the virus many of us have been forced to stay at home and our lives are becoming sedentary. We need to get up and move, exercise and keep our digestive tracts moving properly. Our bodies are used to a certain level of activity, going to work, school, out shopping or sports and now we have to replace that activity.

Some of us have stayed busy but still are suffering, why, because we are moving different muscles. There will be a transition, with sore muscles, until our bodies get used to the new activities we are doing to keep in shape. When we go back to our normal lives, and we will, we will go back through another transition, again using new muscles.

It’s important to realize too that some of us will be eating differently. Many who are used to fast food through out the week during work, may now be eating more healthy home cooked meals. You’re body will need to adjust to these new foods and will again have to adjust when you go back to work.

We may be drinking more coffee or soda’s than we used to or we may be drinking less. All these things have effects on our bodies and a sudden change will affect our digestive system just as a change in activities will affect our muscles.

Get out and get fresh air and sunshine. At least for 15 minutes a day. It’s not super medical advice but it’s good for you and trust me without sunshine and fresh air for 2 weeks to a month you may start to really feel the detrimental effects. Also open windows when you can and curtains. Keeping your home’s air fresh will help with health! And sunshine has disinfectant properties. It also brightens your mood.

Clean your home. Even if you don’t have a revolving door of friends and family coming in and out, and you don’t feel sick, keeping your house clean will really be a great thing if you get sick.

I know you already have a clean house, but I’m talking heavy cleaning, spring cleaning and clutter removal. This will really keep your spirits up and if you get sick, falling behind on cleaning won’t have such a big impact as it would if your house was just tidy.

It’s also good exercise and it kills time if you’re anxious from being cooped up at home.

Lastly, relax, I know this kind of goes against everything I just said, but it’s also important to allow yourself time to rest and relax. Try not to be anxious. You might want to limit social media and news coverage. Just watching reports or posts of other people panicking can cause you to have anxiety. Trust me anxiety can make you feel sick even when you’re healthy as a horse!

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