As of March 22 Northern Neck Clean of Covid19

As of March 22 Northern Neck Clean of Covid19

By Linda Farneth

We’re at the halfway mark of the 15 day self isolation request by President Trump. Some people have followed the instructions to the letter, some have ignored the warnings and some have gone completely overboard, but for the most part the majority of Americans have tried their best to do their part.

Just across the river the Maryland CDC is only reporting confirmed cases as are most states, since privatized testing only results in confirmed cases being reported to the CDC they can no longer keep up with pending testing.

Currently our neighbors in MD have 244 reported confirmed cases, with the highest concentrations in Montgomery County with 83 and Prince George’s County with 40. The numbers start to drop into the mid 20 after that and Charles County only has 5.

Those who travel frequently to MD for work or to shop might want to keep an eye on the numbers, so for future reference here is a link to the map of cases in MD.

Back here in Virginia we’re trailing behind (which is good!) with 219 confirmed cases. As of 3-22 on Sunday the VHD reported that 32 were hospitalized and 1 person in Virginia has died from COVID19.

As of Sunday March 22 no one has been reported as testing positive for COVID19 in the entire Northern Neck.

This includes King George and Caroline Counties. The chart map offered by the VHD states that Virginia has tested 3,337 people as of Sunday but does not show where that testing has taken place.

Maybe after more tests become available we might see more reported cases on the Northern Neck, but for now we can be hopeful with these reports. However we should NOT let our guards down or ignore the warnings to conduct ourselves in a responsible manner to stop the spread of the virus.

This means most importantly DON’T touch your eyes, nose or mouth especially when out in public. Wash hands immediately after returning to your home or office. Keep high touch areas disinfected with sanitary wipes or disinfectant sprays. If you feel you must touch your face use clean tissues and dispose of immediately then wash hands again to ensure, if you have the virus, that you won’t deposit it anywhere else for others to come into contact with it.

So now that we are at the halfway mark many may be wondering are we going to keep to this 15 days or will officials ask us to remain in our homes for a while longer? Well there is no simple answer to that. One bright bit of information I can offer is that China is slowly lifting boarder check points and their economy is starting to move again.

The self isolation and quarantine will help slow the spread but won’t stop it completely. What the government wants is to keep the healthcare system from collapsing under the weight of new COVID19 patients. Their also waiting for enough of the population to have recovered from the virus and build up an immunity to it. That is one way the spread will naturally slow down.

The virus may continue to be spread, but if the majority of people have an immunity then it is unlikely that many uninfected patients will catch it as long as everyone continues to practice good hygiene.

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