Montross Volunteers Help Seniors During COVID19 Social Distancing

Montross Volunteers Help Seniors During COVID19 Social Distancing

Linda Farneth

The Town of Montross activated its Montross Volunteer Assistance Program (MVAP) on March 13th in response to the President’s directive to social distance and the COVID19 pandemic.

This program is a phone tree to check on citizens that may need assistance during times of emergencies.

The Montross Volunteer Assistance Program was created in 2006 to assist elderly residents who live alone and/or have no relatives close by, during emergencies such as extreme weather or in any natural disaster that may occur .


When activated volunteers swing into action. First they form a chain, calling elderly citizens to check on them to ensure they are OK and to determine if they need immediate assistance. Each volunteer is assigned a set number of elderly participants to call, and visit if needed. After the initial call to check on members, the volunteers arrange visits, run errands for medication pick ups and groceries.

In the case of severe weather if trees are down the volunteers will help set up ways to help clear properties or in the case of snow, will dig out drive ways and walkways were needed etc.

The volunteers are ordinary citizens who just want to lend a hand to seniors and they perform various tasks to help seniors in any way needed.

The program was originally separate and independent but was formalized as a town program in 2016 by the a unanimous vote of the town council.

Town Clerk Patricia Lewis said, “If you feel like you’d like to be included in our MVAP please call 804-214-0084.”



In Other News:

Town hall has been closed to the public for some time however it remain staffed during typical weekday hours.

Phone and email contacts are on the town’s webpage – please follow local link below.
Additional state and federal updates are shared below also.

Montross Town Council and staff urges everyone to “Please be safe and follow health care professionals recommendations.”


State Level:

Federal Level:


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