My Weekend Started With a Fire

Thankfully it wasn’t at my home office, it was a neighboring home and no one was in there. The home is hardly used so no one was displaced by it either. There is a link to the video below if you didn’t already catch the story on the main news page.

Garden Log, Veggie date 4-26-20

The test results are in and they have proven that sunlight, high heat and high humidity all play a vital role in destroying the virus that causes Covid19. The virus living on hard surfaces can be destroyed by these elements. Sunlight being the most effective in killing the virus. That makes me more excited to garden right now.

So yesterday I went to my local small box store for some TP, to no avail but I did hit that little tiny seed rack and bought me some more radish seeds. Just in case I am unsuccessful at saving seeds from my harvest.

Besides they were 50 cents a pack, I think I can afford them right now.

I also picked up a small envelope of carrot seeds, onion seeds and pumpkin seeds.

I have two kinds of melon seeds, Pumpkin and Cantaloupe. I plan to plant those indoors as starters then move them to two front gardens that have flowers and ornamental grass. I don’t care if they don’t grow but it’s worth a shot. I’ve often had the best luck with melons when they were planted by accident or by squirrels in some random area of the yard or flower garden.

I had grand plans day before yesterday to finish this blog on seeds but got sidetracked by a fire behind my home office headquarters for Colonial Beach News. Fire on 6th Street.

So yesterday morning I woke up, so off track by day before yesterday’s breaking news at time when so little is happening because everyone is staying at home, that it made me wonder what gets you motivated?

For some it’s fixing their bed in the morning, for other’s it’s all about getting dressed. For me it’s just about putting my hair in a ponytail!

No matter what I do to prepare for anything, if my hair isn’t pulled back I feel like I can’t get anything done. I’ve always been a Tom-Boy and working outdoors with long hair in the wind doesn’t work for me. So now that my hair is up and I’m ready to go.

Unfortunately I started binge watching vegetable videos, about planting, cooking and storing that I really got nothing done yesterday either.

It rained all morning and most of the day today so outside work was out of the question.

Luckily today I got quite a bit of deep cleaning done in my kitchen. I’m hoping by tomorrow I’ll be able to start stripping the linoleum from my kitchen floor and prepping the wood for the new tiles. They are linoleum as well but they are new and I’m excited for a change. I suspect they will last for only about 3 years but at such a low price I’m OK with that.

I’ll be sure to post before and after pics of my floor.

I hope everyone is doing well and finding something to pass the time during this social distancing.


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