Voting Covid Style In Colonial Beach

Colonial Beach voting is taking place at the high school in the gymnasium at 100 First Street.


To access voting you must enter from the west side of the high school building. You may park alone the fence to the field. Curb side voting is also located here. Just look for the sign next to the building and park there.

You need a mask to vote.

Once you walk in you will be asked to stand at the end of one of these two tables. (pictured below)


You will then be asked to clip your ID to the clip board and slide it to one of the attendants. They will ask if you are voting Democrat or Republican and will slide the clipboard back with your ID and the appropriate voting form.

You will then be instructed to remove the form, your ID and the pen, (which you may take home with you) and proceed to the voting area to the right. (pictured below)


After you have completed your form you will be asked to follow the arrows towards the voting machines to place your ballot inside the scanner.


Place the sheet in the scanner. It does not matter which side up you place it in, the scanner reads both sides. An American Flag will show in the display window to indicate your vote has been counted. From there you can proceed to the exit. Don’t forget to pick up your “I Voted” sticker.

Check in comments below for sample ballot.




  1. Virginia is one of a few states that does not require its citizens to declare their political affiliation to vote in primaries.
    However Virginians can only vote in one political primary or the other.
    Since today’s primary is a dual primary in that both the Democrats and Republican nominees for various offices are being held today, attendants must ask so they can provide voters with the proper forms.
    Here is a link to a sample ballot for both the Democratic and Republican primaries being held today.

    Click to access Sample%20Ballots%20June%202020%20Dual%20Primary.pdf


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