VDEM Awards Emergency Management Preparedness Grants

The Department Of Emergency Management announced on July 10 they will provide $2.6 million dollars in grant money to Virginia localities to help fund planning, operations, acquiring equipment, conduct training and exercise as well as construction and renovation as it relates to local governments efforts to deal with managing emergencies.

The funds come from the federal government and will be distributed by the sate. The money will be given in grant form and no match or payback is required.

Grant funding for the program is available to cities, counties and those towns recognized as emergency management jurisdictions under Title 44 of the Code of Virginia.

Westmoreland County will receive $7,500 and King George County will receive $12,820.

The EMPG program provides resources to assist state, local, tribal, and territorial governments in preparing for all hazards. Through the grant program, the Federal government provides coordination, guidance, and assistance to support a comprehensive emergency preparedness system. “We need to continue pursuing this type of funding as the number of disasters keeps increasing,” said Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Brian J. Moran. “This year has proven that we need to be as prepared as possible for the unexpected, and we will continue applying for programs and grants that allow us to build and enhance our capabilities.”

Building capabilities to effectively respond to all hazards requires local emergency managers to have the resources necessary to support their community,” said State Coordinator of Emergency Management Curtis Brown. “This grant program provides the opportunity for the commonwealth to build and sustain critical capabilities across key mission areas including prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery.”


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