What’s Going on With Schools at the Federal Level

Here are the highlights from President Trump Participates in Kids First: Getting America’s Children Safely Back to School.

Fast forward to 33:40 minutes to get to the beginning of the meeting.

President Trump and Vice President Pence held a meeting with a panel of professionals and citizens on the issues of reopening schools. Here are a few of the topics discussed.

The panel discussed many disadvantages of children being out of school and advantages to being in school.

Some of the items discussed were that 5% of child abuse cases are discovered in school.

It is believed that children gain an earning potential of $10,000.00 more per year of attending school.

A Mom of 3 and pediatrician suggested that children can safely return to school adding the risk of death from this virus to children is very low, but the risks of being out of school are immeasurable.

A mother from Tennessee a small business owner was happy to have her children back in school. She said her leader allowed the schools to offer parents the choice to go back to school or to remain distance lering at home. She said her students take the virus seriously and she is confident safe steps are being taken to mitigate the risks.

Teacher from Lovett Texas said her locality successfully held summer school.

The administration has given extra federal funding to schools to help with preparations for combating the virus and continuing education. President Trump thinks the money should follow the children.

School choice means parents choose whether to send their children back to school or stay at home learning online.

One parent of a special needs child said schools provide not only learning but structure into a child with special needs. Families with special needs children carry a heavy burden. We’ve now been forced to find other alternatives for our children. Not all families have this option. She recommends that having the dollars follow the student is a good way to help parents adapt to the special circumstances that Covid 19 presents.

One member of the panel said children with special needs have really been left out and he commended the president for addressing this issue. He visited classes that have opened back up and they are successful.

In Florida, 13 districts have opened, 6 have almost 100% participation. He anticipates more than 70% in person participation when the remaining schools open.

Trump said, virtual learning is not as good a in person learning. However tele-health has been an incredible success.

A Fairfax county mom said she has exercised her right to enroll her child in in-school pod learning. She said she saw her daughter’s education suffer and her depression rise with remote learning.

Dr Scott Atlas said the risk of children contracting the disease is lower than getting the seasonal flu but the risks of being out of school are much higher.

Dr. Scott Atlas will join President Trump and others at approximately 5:30 today for a press conference on opening back up America’s schools.

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