Town Reviews Spending

At the August 12 Colonial Beach Town Council Work Session Lisa Oakes updated the council on unspent funds from a previous fiscal year.

Oakes said, “We brought forward $467,807.76 into the fiscal year 21 budget this money was from savings of unspent funds from fiscal year 19.”


Oakes explained how some of the money has been spent or committed to.

  • Remodeling the bathrooms at castle wood at approximately $25,000.00
  • Purchasing new parking meters at approximately 128,000.00.
  • Dog park construction estimate of 30,000 for fencing
  • Eleanor Park playground equipment 60,000
  • GIS mapping bill $24,855.00
  • Police department radar units $2,824.00
  • $14,000.00 for cameras at Torrey Smith Park 

To date the town has spent or committed $284,679.00 of these funds, which leaves $183,128.76.

Vice Mayor Robin Schick mentioned that there have been grants and fund-raising for some of the items listed. She asked if the funds Oakes listed would be in addition. Town Manager Quinn Robertson said that the town money was in deed in addition to those funds.

Caryn Self Sullivan who is heading up the dog park project asked for some clarification. She asked if the $30,000.00 included bringing water to the site? Quinn said the $30 grand was for fencing alone.

Caryn asked Public Works Manager Rob Murphy how much would be needed to extend the water line to the park. Murphy said, “With council’s permission most of that could be done in-house.” The cost of materials he estimated would run around $1,000.00.

Councilman Patrick Ey said he feels the cameras for the Torrey Smith Park should not be held off. Robin Schick agreed.

Schick asked Quinn to clarify why the town purchased two 360 degree camera’s. Quinn said the purchase required buying two. The contract requires $14,000.00 a year for maintenance and upgrade. The box is designed to repel bullets and other damage. The contract calls for the company to maintain the system. Police will be able to monitor activity the camera records on their cell phones. The second camera can be used elsewhere.

Councilman Steve Cirbee questioned how many of the items on the list were improvements listed on the CIP (Capital Improvement Plan). According to Robin Schick the parking meters and the GIS mapping. Schick said CIP items had to be more than $50,000.00 items.

Cirbee questioned why other items have been pushed ahead of CIP items. “I agree I want to do all of this stuff but we have priorities.”

Robin said these funds were not part of CIP funding.

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