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Mayor Robin Schick Recognizes Work of Past Mayor and Councilmen

Mayor Robin Schick Recognizes Work of Past Mayor and Councilmen

By Linda Farneth – Colonial Beach News

Mayor Robin Schick chaired her first Council work session with professionalism and grace, recognizing the work of former Town Mayor Eddie Blunt for his 6 years of service to the town of Colonial Beach as well as the contributions of council members Steven Cirbee, Dallas Leamon and Frank Alger.

Schick acknowledged the challenges that Covid 19 presented in 2020 and paid tribute to lost citizens and family members.

Schick said she had planned to recognize 2020 and out going members including the mayor at the December meeting however that meeting got canceled.

Regarding Mayor Eddie Blunt, “I recognize and appreciate his public service to the town.”

Schick also recognized Dallas Leamon, Steve Cirbee and Frank Alger for their dedication and effort.

“I don’t think Colonial Beach would be in the place that it is today, which I think is a prosperous one, which is why I think we should have a lot to be proud of, if it wasn’t for their effort and their service.”

“It can be very thankless.” Schick said, referring to being a member of town council or other public service groups.

Editor’s note: Council members including the mayor receive only a small sum each month to help pay for expenses. Many council members in the past have donated their monthly earnings to local charities or non profit first responder services in the community. Planning Commission members and other committee members receive no compensation but in some instances the council will approve training expenses related to the commission appointment.


“There is still much to do as we know in 2021.” Schick continued. She said she takes her share of responsibility for things not being perfect.

Schick then turned somber looking back over the losses the town endured over the last year.

“Covid 19 has had a huge impact on the community.” Schick said life styles have changed, whole lives have been changed and many friends and family have been lost to the disease.

Schick recognized that the town has seen tremendous loss experienced not just from Covid 19 but for many community citizens who have departed.

“I can personally think of a lot. Colonial Beach would not be the same if it were not for some of these citizens.”

The losses became quite personal for Schick because she lost her grandmother before Christmas, but she said prior to that she has been feeling the loss of so many giving community members.

Turning the mood from somber to that of positivity, Schick put on a brave face and said:

“I would like to proclaim that Colonial Beach will be a strong place, We will be ‘CB Strong’, that we will work together, we will listen to each other.”

“The sense of volunteerism in this town is very special and I know we will all work together to pass that on in the next year and for time to come.”

“I look forward to leaning on and supporting my fellow council members.”

“We are resilient Americans, we are proud Drifters and I know we will get through the foreseeable future.”

With that she wished everyone a blessed and happy new year before addressing agenda items.

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