Wednesday January 13 – 2021 Morning Coffee Report

Wednesday January 13, 2021


Today expect sunny conditions with a high of close to 50 degrees. Winds will be light, 5 to 7 mph. Wednesday evening will be mostly clear with a low of near 35 degrees. Winds remain at around 8 mph.

Tomorrow, Thursday January 14, 2021 will look very similar to today’s weather. Expect mostly sunny conditions again with a high of near 53 degrees. Winds between 5 to 7 mph and the low will drop to about 38, just a little warmer than this evening.

PSA: If you have an old natural Christmas tree you want to dispose of The Public Works Department will be picking Christmas trees up on January 15, 2021. This will be the only day that Christmas trees are picked up. Please have your tree out [to the curb, street or dirt road you live on…] by 7:00 am on Friday, January 15, 2021.

The water tower work is ongoing and there is no word yet of when it will be completed. There are many factors that affect the work that is performed in the process of painting a municipal water tower, old paint must be scraped and harnessed carefully and disposed of in a way that does not allow paint to become airborne and possibly contaminate the area surrounding the tower. Temperature, be it hot or cold as well as humidity all have a factor on whether the paint will adhere properly.

If you didn’t catch the Town’s first work session for 2021 held last Wednesday you can access the meeting on their youtube channel or stay tuned to Colonial Beach News for articles summarizing the work performed at that meeting.

Here’s the first one: Mayor Robin Schick Recognizes Work of Past Mayor and Councilmen

Currently Town Hall is closed to the public and all business must be transacted through mail.

The announcement on the town website reads as follows:

“Due to recent increases in COVID 19 cases in the immediate vicinity and Governor Ralph S. Northam’s Executive Order #72, all Town of Colonial Beach offices will be closed to the public effective December 16, 2020.” New measures effective Monday, Dec. 14, through Jan. 31, 2021

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