Spring Cleaning vs. Covid Cleaning

Spring Cleaning vs. Covid Cleaning

by Linda Farneth

I decided this morning I needed a bit of sunlight so I moved my morning routine into the living room which is more, morning-sun friendly. (cue the violin and soft morning music)

Nothing like a morning cup of coffee or tea ey? Watching the birds flying outside and the dust flying inside (cue the sound of a record scratching).

As I watched all manner of dust, dander, fine bird feathers and cat hair, (yes cat hair) dancing in the sun’s rays I realized my home contains lots of old materials. Old carpet, old furniture and old paint.

What does that have to do with dust? Well a majority of the dust we have in our homes isn’t actually coming through the front door. It’s our home coming apart in minuscule pieces. Tiny pieces of carpet, paint flakes and various other items in our home slowly disintegrating over time in tiny particles that fly through the air every time we or our animals walk and every time our pet birds flap their wings.

Of course this takes quite a long time and many items in our home are replaced before they become totally dismantled in the form of dust. But add to that, the dirt we and our animals drag in every time we leave and come back into the house. (Ever watch a cat roll in the dirt in the yard or driveway?)

Another source of dust is our skin flakes from every living thing that is in the home. These skin flakes become food sources for dust mites, which in turn add to the junk flying through the air.

But it’s all the circle of life right? Yes but too much dust, dander and too many mites can aggravate our respiratory system and make us feel really sick. So we need to keep them down.

Ok so all this brain storming has me thinking, it’s time to Spring Clean. I know what you’re thinking, we’ve been cleaning since last March! Yes, we’ve been “Covid” cleaning, wiping down surfaces, disinfecting and that sort of thing, but “Spring Cleaning” is a bit different. It goes beyond the surface wiping and the disinfecting.

Spring Cleaning, gets rid of dust, dander and cleans things we normally wouldn’t clean. It’s getting rid of items we dust over and over but those items serve no purpose. (other than giving us a cleaning-workout of sorts)

Spring Cleaning involves removing heavy but movable rugs and beating them outside on the line. It involves cleaning out cupboards, cabinets and closets to remove unused items that we just tend to push aside while we are looking for more used items. And getting a washing cloth to those never cleaned areas like baseboards and above door frames.

It’s turning old towels into wash rags and restocking with new plush towels, It’s getting down deep into scary areas of the bathroom we rarely venture into out of fear and disgust. (Like behind the toilet or under those little bold caps)

Spring Cleaning involves thinking outside the box and cleaning inside every box!

So now that I have exhausted my brain I need a nap. I’ll start cleaning tomorrow, right after I work on a brain dump concerning procrastination!

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