Loud Cars and Jet Trucks

Loud Cars and Jet Trucks Occupied The Majority of The March Colonial Beach Town Council Meeting on Wednesday evening.

Page One – Loud Cars

The meetings are still being held with a maximum of 10 audience members and council still sits in masks and separated by Plexiglas barriers.

During the presentation portion of the meeting District Five County Supervisor Tim Trivett discussed the recent large crowd that gathered at the Racetrack in Oak Grove. The event was essentially a meet up and after over a year of car enthusiasts cramped up with Covid 19 restrictions, can anyone be surprised the crowd got a little noisy and out of hand?

King George reported writing several tickets. Residents reported speeding, loud noise and some rowdy attendees.

Residents debated the issue on social media the next couple days after the event and once again an ongoing debate has sparked up, between those who want Colonial Beach to remain a quiet sanctuary and those who want to see some growth whether it be by development or hosting more loud hoopla’s to get the tourists here.

However, due to the *districting of Westmoreland County, residents in Oak Grove, Monroe Bay Circle and Placid Bay area are a part of the 4th district. Neither Tim Trivett nor any of the Colonial Beach Town Council have any more clout to speak out against the matter as any residents living in the neighboring districts.

We as Colonial Beach Residents living among the corporate limits can express our opinions, however it up to our good neighbors in Oak Grove District 4 to address the issue with their Supervisor and appeal for some sort of resolution with the Westmoreland Board of Supervisors as a body.

Aside from the lengthy discussion regarding the events at the race track Trivett reported that the County anticipates the vehicle tax to go up rather than down.

Colonial Beach Police Chief gave a verbal report of the past year’s crimes but no copy was provided to the citizens who routinely get the agenda and Colonial Beach News felt no need to delve into those reports. A copy can be requested from Town Hall for those who love reading those statistics.

Despite a hefty amount of the usual crimes, Chief Hough did feel that for all that was going on this last year, that Colonial Beach did not see the uptake in crime that other cities and town’s have.

In the public speaking portion of the meeting long-time resident and veteran Walter Kern delighted the council with yet another of his colorful “history lessons”. Kern said, “We walked to school from elementary to high school.” During his graduating class there were 17 graduates. He said, 5 out the 17 were second cousins. Running out of time that was as far as the lesson went.

Come back tomorrow for Page Two – The Jet Truck

Note: *Westmoreland County is split into 5 Districts. The boundaries are drawn based on population. Each district though not the same size geographically, contains roughly the same number of residents as the other four districts. The population of Town of Colonial Beach is so dense that the area within the corporate limits of Colonial Beach makes up on full district; District 5.

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