Loud Cars and Jet Trucks Page Two

Loud Cars and Jet Trucks Occupied The Majority of The March Colonial Beach Town Council Meeting on Wednesday evening.

Page 2 – The Jet Truck

Rob Murphy former Public Works Director now Assistant and Active Town Manager gave a brief report on the current infrastructure work going on. The town is currently working on GPS mapping of the entire water and sewer infrastructure.

But the majority of time with Murphy was spent discussing the town’s need for a new Jet Truck.

A few outspoken residents have taken to social media. (which I hate to keep referring to but in this digital era it has become the vehicle for gossip, public service announcements and debates over who’s Gramma makes the best Apple Pie!)

Anyway the buzz being spawned on social media by a few, is that the Jet Truck is:

  • A waste of money
  • Under utilized
  • Not well maintained
  • Good enough to repair and
  • Buying a new Jet Truck would be a waste of money

Some of you may be familiar with the drainage problems on Colonial Avenue which gave rise to one resident posting a picture on social media of what looked like toilet paper spewing from a manhole at the East end of Colonial Ave.

Rob Murphy said that Colonial Avenue is being call the Central Drainage Area and is being worked on diligently.

Today March 22, 2021, the town announced “Colonial Ave will be shut down from Gus Wise Lane to Billingsley Ave effective immediately for sewer and water installation until approximately 3pm.”

Note: Please use Jackson Street and First Street as the detour route.

But I digress:

At the Town Council Meeting last week Murphy said, “We had a catastrophic failure of the motor of the Jet truck.” He added that the jet truck is a highly complex peace of equipment. It clears waste water and storm water lines.

It is also a hydrate excavator with a vacuum system that will dig up areas and vacuum the dirt and water at the same time.

Murphy said it provides a better means of safely repairing equipment without damage.

The usual life for these trucks is about 7 to 8 years. “We use it daily, we have had to rent one while the town’s truck is down.” Murphy said.

The town has spent considerable money to replaced the motor and service the vacuum system and the truck is 10 years old.

“We have an opportunity to get a new vehicle.” Murphy said. The price for this truck has risen from the original cost and now runs at a price-tag of $449,579.00, the price has doubled.

“We can get 90,000 for a trade in value.” Murphy added. “We are looking at a USDA loan for a new truck.” An application has been submitted for $67,400.00 in grant money and a loan of $382,000.

There is still a balance of $118,000.00 owed on the truck. After trade in and pay off of the remaining balance on the old truck the first year payment would be $42,455 and would continue for ten years. Currently the town is paying 23,988 for the next 6 years to pay off the old truck. By trading up the debt service for jet truck purchase would almost double.

Murphy recommends the council allow public works to seek the funding and purchase the new truck.

Murphy said if the town doesn’t act fast we may lose the low interest rate of 2.125% and the truck price may go up.

Atlantic Machinery, who staff wishes to purchase the new truck from, has offered the $90,000.00 trade in for the old truck. Murphy suggested the town council take them up on the offer and it was reminded by staff that the town has not taken on any additional debt service in the last two years.

Discussions ensued and Murphy responded to council concerns over lack of maintenance. Murphy said some of the maintenance was required to be done by the manufacturer.

Mayor Robin Schick made the following motion: “Contingent of USDA Loan grant approval we will proceed forward with the payoff, purchase and replacement of the jet truck.”

Only one question was asked by council and that was how the difference in balance and trade in would be covered. Staff said that contingency from waste water and sewer will cover the $14,144.00 difference.

Council voted unanimously in favor of moving forward with the purchase.

Photo:  The town’s Jet Truck is also a hydrate excavator with a vacuum system that will dig up areas and vacuum the dirt and water at the same time.

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The Jet Truck has been very useful in installation of the new water meters. When Will Metered Water Billing Begin?

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