More Details Emerge Concerning Missing Endangered Augusta Child Khaleesi Cuthriell

Several different missing person’s reports were filed that didn’t quite add up. One filed for missing 3 year old Khaleesi Cuthriell was filed through the Virginia State Police. However the report stated that Khalessi hadn’t been seen since February 2021. The report said she is believed to be with Candi Royer. The VSP recieved the report from the Augusta County Sheriff’s office on September 10, 2021.
On September 3rd a missing persons report was posted on the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page for Candi Rover. The report stated SHE had not been since since August 24, 2021.

In response to many questions from the public the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office posted the following details concerning the case of missing 3 year old Khaleesi Cuthriell as well as missing person Candi Royer.

On September 4, 2021, the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office was notified that Amanda Arey, an inmate at Middle River Regional Jail (MRRJ), reported to a Jail officer that she placed her three-year-old daughter, Khaleesi Cuthriell, in the care of Candi Royer in October of 2020.


Amanda Arey was assisted by social services to establish a written diversionary agreement.

According to “Diversion programs provide offenders with essential services that can address the underlying causes of criminal behavior, such as alcohol and drug abuse. It is hoped that diversion will allow offenders to establish a normal lifestyle, without the burden of a criminal record.”

Amanda Arey told responding deputies that she was told by friends, that Candi Royer had placed her daughter in the care of the child’s aunt, who lives in Covington, or possibly in the care of her maternal grandmother.

Several friends and family member of Royer confirmed that the child had been placed in Royer’s care but also reported that the child had not been seen with Royer since February.


In February Royer told family member that Khaleesi had been removed and is with her maternal Aunt and Grandmother.

Investigators later determined this to be untrue, and that Khaleesi Cuthriell’s whereabouts are currently unknown. She has been entered as a missing person.

Candi Royer is also reported as a missing person but is believed to be with her boyfriend, Travis Brown, who is a fugitive.

Travis Brown currently a fugitive is wanted on several charges. Candi Royer is missing but believed to be with Brown.

Travis Brown is wanted on numerous charges including: Strangulation, Assault and Battery on a family member, unauthorized use of a vehicle, felony eluding, grand larceny, breaking and entering, just to name a few. Full list of charges below.

The Augusta County Sheriff’s Office is requesting the public’s assistance in any information on the whereabouts of Khaleesi Cuthriell, or any information on the location of Brown or Royer who are believed to know the child’s whereabouts.


The following is a timeline offered by the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office:


10 Oct 2020 – Amanda Arey places Khaleesi in Royer’s care.

Oct 2020 – Jan 2021 – Family members of Royer report to have seen the child with Royer.

Feb 2021 – Royer tells family members that Khaleesi has been removed and is with her maternal Aunt/Grandmother.

21 August 2021 – Brown is a fugitive.

03 September 2021 – Royer reported as missing

04 September 2021 – Amanda Arey tell a guard at MRRJ that her daughter was in Candi’s care

04 September 2021 – ACSO deputy meets with Amanda Arey reports child maybe with family members.

05 – 08 September 2021 – ACSO contacts members of the Arey, Brown, and Royer families to attempt to ascertain Khaleesi’s location.

08 September 2021 – Khaleesi entered as a missing person.

If ANYONE has any information or the whereabouts of Candi Royer, Travis Brown or Khaleesi Cuthriell, please contact the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office and speak to Investigator Reid 540-245-5333.


Travis Brown is wanted on the following charges:

  • Strangulation (Augusta),
  • Assault & Battery-Family member (Augusta),
  • Unauthorized use of a vehicle(Staunton),
  • Alter or deface serial numbers (Augusta),
  • 2X felony Eluding (Louisa),
  • 2X Grand Larceny (Albemarle),
  • Breaking & Entering (Albemarle),
  • Carjacking (Albemarle),
  • Trespassing (Albemarle),
  • Destruction of property (Albemarle),
  • Petit Larceny (Albemarle),
  • Assault & Battery (Albemarle) and Contempt of Court (Augusta),
  • Breaking and Entering (Charlottesville).

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