Falmouth Firefighters’ Strict Training and Fast Action Speeds Extrication Rescue

Around 4 p.m. On September 16 a call went out to first responders in Falmouth for a single vehicle accident.

Units from Falmouth were dispatched with reports of an accident with entrapment at the intersection of White Oak Road and Deshazo Lane.


Medic 7 was first on the scene. They reported an SUV on its side and one trapped inside.

Rescue 1 arrived shortly there after and began stabilization.

Once the vehicle was stabilized, the crew removed the roof and gained access to the patient.

Ambulance 1 checked two occupants out for injury and Medic 7 assessed the driver of the SUV.

BC 1 had the White Oak Road command.

In just 9 minutes 3 crew members stabilized and extricated the patient.

In a post from Falmouth Volunteer Fire Department, “This goes to show all the grueling training the men and women of Falmouth do on a daily basis when seconds count. It’s a blessing to have such a great combination house on the south side. R1- Lt. Kling, Pvt Payne, Pvt Storke”


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