We must trust our local election officials

King George Tid Bits 9-17-21

In-person early voting will begin today for King George County voters, Friday September 17, 2021 and run through October 30th at the Registrar’s Office located in the Revercomb Building- 10459 Courthouse Dr., Suite 102 from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm every day.

Visit https://www.kinggeorgecountyva.gov/273/Registrar for more information.


On Tuesday, September 21 the Rappahannock Area Health District will offer FREE drive-thru COVID testing at Cedell Brooks, Jr. Park from 2 pm – 5pm.

You can preregister at www.vdh.virginia.gov/rappahannock/freecovid19testing/

Please call 540-899-4797 with questions.

For more testing site information, please visit www.vdh.virginia.gov/rappahannock/.


Household Hazardous Waste Day will be on September 25, 2021 – 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at the Sealston Convenience Center-10376 Bullock Drive.

For King George County residents only.

Visit https://www.kinggeorgecountyva.gov/248/Solid-Waste-Recycling for more information.

  • Gasoline, brake fluid, power steering fluid
  • Household cleaners (ammonia, drain cleaner, rust remover, tile/shower cleaner and more)
  • Universal materials (include mercury containing items: thermometers, thermostats)
  • Oil based-paint products (paint & spray paint, caulk, wood preservative, wood stain)
  • Garden chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, insecticides)
  • Swimming pool chemicals

National Preparedness Month- September- 2021 “Prepare to Protect.

Preparing for disasters is protecting everyone you love.” September is about raising awareness and the importance pf preparing for disasters and emergencies before there is an emergency.

There are weekly themes to help prepared for disasters/emergencies: “Make a Plan, Build a Kit, Low-Cost, No-Cost Preparedness, and Teach Youth about Preparedness.”

Visit www.ready.gov to more information and guidance on preparing to protect your loved ones and your home.

Prepping For Hurricane Season – Where Are The Local Shelters


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