Search For Missing Khaleesi Cuthriell Now A Recovery Mission

According to a joint press release from Augusta County Sheriff Donald L. Smith and Commonwealth Attorney, Timothy A. Martin investigations have led officials to believe that 3 year old Khaleesi Cuthriell is deceased.

Case History:

On September 4, 2021 Khaleesi’s mother Amanda Arey, an inmate at Middle River Regional Jail (MRRJ), reported to a Jail officer that she placed her three-year-old daughter, Khaleesi Cuthriell, in the care of Candi Royer in October of 2020.

On September 3rd a missing persons report was posted on the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page for Candi Rover. The report stated SHE had not been since since August 24, 2021.

Amanda Arey told responding deputies that she was told by friends, that Candi Royer had placed her daughter in the care of the child’s aunt, who lives in Covington, or possibly in the care of her maternal grandmother.


Several friends and family member of Royer confirmed that the child had been placed in Royer’s care but also reported that the child had not been seen with Royer since February.

Travis Brown is wanted on numerous charges including: Strangulation, Assault and Battery on a family member, unauthorized use of a vehicle, felony eluding, grand larceny, breaking and entering, just to name a few.

In February Royer told family members that Khaleesi had been removed and is with her maternal Aunt and Grandmother.

Investigators later determined this to be untrue, and that Khaleesi Cuthriell’s whereabouts were unknown. She has been entered as a missing person.

Candi Royer was reported as a missing person but was believed to be with her boyfriend, Travis Brown, who is a fugitive.


On Sunday, September 12, 2021, Pennsylvania State Police, and the United States Marshall’s Service contacted and arrested Travis Brown and Candi Royer without incident at the Knights Inn, located at 1215 South Main Street in South Greensburg PA.

Both Royer and Brown were held in the Westmoreland County [Pennsylvania] Prison, pending court hearings for their extradition back to Virginia to face numerous charges.


On September 20, 2021, the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at 249 Cattle Scales Road in Augusta County, with the assistance of the Virginia State Police (VSP) Bureau of Criminal Investigation, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Both Travis Brown and Candi Royer remain in the Westmoreland County Prison in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

Royer was initially filed as a missing person by the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office; however, it has been determined that she was a willing participant with Brown in their crime spree across the Commonwealth of Virginia and into Pennsylvania.

Investigators from the Sheriff’s Office and the VSP have interviewed both suspects over the past week.

Sadly the investigation has revealed Khaleesi Cuthriell died while in the care of Brown and Royer at 249 Cattle Scales Road.

Investigators from all three agencies are working tirelessly honing in on the proper place to search for Khaleesi’s body.

Based on the information received during the investigation, it is not beneficial for the Augusta County community to establish search parties at this time.

The Sheriff’s Office has executed numerous search warrants in this case and most likely, additional warrants may be forthcoming.

“It is with great sadness that the search for Khaleesi has now turned into a recovery mission,” said Sheriff Donald L. Smith.


Travis Brown was wanted on the following charges:

  • Strangulation (Augusta),
  • Assault & Battery-Family member (Augusta),
  • Unauthorized use of a vehicle(Staunton),
  • Alter or deface serial numbers (Augusta),
  • 2X felony Eluding (Louisa),
  • 2X Grand Larceny (Albemarle),
  • Breaking & Entering (Albemarle),
  • Carjacking (Albemarle),
  • Trespassing (Albemarle),
  • Destruction of property (Albemarle),
  • Petit Larceny (Albemarle),
  • Assault & Battery (Albemarle) and Contempt of Court (Augusta),
  • Breaking and Entering (Charlottesville).

Commonwealth’s Attorney Tim Martin has been active throughout this case and additional charges are pending consideration.

Martin said, “My office has worked closely with the investigators since we became aware of this terrible situation. We are reviewing all of the available evidence and will decide precisely what to charge, and when, based solely on what is best for the ultimate prosecution.”



10 Oct 2020 – Amanda Arey places Khaleesi in Royer’s care.

Oct 2020 – Jan 2021 – Family members of Royer report to have seen the child with Royer.

Feb 2021 – Royer tells family members that Khaleesi has been removed and is with her maternal Aunt/Grandmother.

21 August 2021 – Brown is a fugitive.

03 September 2021 – Royer reported as missing

04 September 2021 – Amanda Arey tell a guard at MRRJ that her daughter was in Candi’s care

04 September 2021 – ACSO deputy meets with Amanda Arey reports child maybe with family members.

05 – 08 September 2021 – ACSO contacts members of the Arey, Brown, and Royer families to attempt to ascertain Khaleesi’s location.

08 September 2021 – Khaleesi entered as a missing person.

12 September 2021 – Pennsylvania State Police, and the United States Marshall’s Service contacted and arrested Travis Brown and Candi Royer

20 September 2021 – Augusta County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at 249 Cattle Scales Road in Augusta County


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