Police Arrest Paper Boy After Police Chase

Delivery Driver Arrested After Pursuit

The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office not only enforces the law, but when they can they like to be lighthearted and have a little fun with some of the more not-so-serious arrests.

In a facebook post the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office wrote:

“The US Postal Service motto is “Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night…”

A newspaper delivery driver created his own motto of “neither closed road, nor police direction, nor traffic stop…” early this morning by initiating a short pursuit through North Stafford.

At 3:50 a.m. today, Sgt. J.T. Forman was directing traffic at a paving operation in the area of Jefferson Davis Highway and Garrisonville Road. The paving company needed to turn a piece of equipment around and Sgt.

Forman took control of the intersection wearing his reflective traffic vest. He instructed the driver of a blue Chevy Sonic to remain stationary on Washington Drive. The driver commented that he needed to get to work and Sgt. Forman assured him he would be moving momentarily, once the road reopened.


The driver of the Chevy then responded with an obscene gesture and curse word. He fled around the marked Sheriff’s car and turned North on Jefferson Davis Highway.

Next, the driver made an illegal U-turn and prepared to turn right onto Garrisonville Road, but was stopped behind another car.

Sgt. Forman pulled behind the Chevy with his lights and siren activated, but the subject continued onto Garrisonville Road at the posted speed limit.


The subject stopped at the traffic light at Salisbury Drive and activated a small white LED lightbar on the top of his delivery car. This white lightbar gave him no authority to flee from the police.

Deputy J.W. Ahern responded as back-up and the subject turned onto Salisbury Drive and then made another left on Greenspring Drive.

The pursuit ended as the subject turned onto Lakeview Drive and parked in a parking spot. He was quickly taken into custody and informed the deputies he was just doing his job and this was a huge misunderstanding.

During a search of the vehicle, deputies discovered he was a delivery driver for newspapers.

(Editors Note: I can assure you it’s not our paper since we are all digital)

The subject was identified as Chris Spiller, 54, of Stafford. Spiller was charged with eluding and failing to obey law enforcement signal at an intersection.

He was held on a $500 bond at the Rappahannock Regional Jail.”


You have to admit the driver is dedicated.

Have a nice day folks.

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