Three ceramic pots with large Basil plants on an outdoor glass table

Planting Herbs For Winter Indoor Growth

So this year I’ve decided to try to grow some herbs indoors over the winter. I started about a month ago, planting seeds, in small containers. For my first herb, Basil, I poked two to three holes in the container and put two seeds in each hole. As they shot up I transplanted them in larger pots and put them on my South side patio which gets sun almost all day long.

Large red coffee cup with seedlings planted in it.
Start seedlings off indoors in small containers then move outside.
Basil leaf as big as the palm of a womans hand
A good variety will grow large Basil leaves.

The leaves on this one are almost as big as the palm of my hand. I’ve already taken a long stem from this one and hung it upside-down in my kitchen to start them drying out. I’ll finish in my dehydrator and put them in a jar in my pantry…(The one I’m going to build soon)


The nights are getting quite cold so it will be time to find a good spot indoors to keep them. I have a good double window on the same side but there is a large couch there and sills are very small. I’ll have to work on a creative solution before it gets way to cold to leave them outdoors.

I brought out this set of seedlings. The Tomato seedling is really outgrowing the coffee cup and it’s time to transplant so the Basil doesn’t intertwine its roots with the tomato plant.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress but I wanted to share that it’s never too late to start herbs for indoor growth over the winter.

I make sure to plant a few seeds about every two weeks, that way I’m always getting a new set of leaves, ensuring I have plenty of fresh Basil and enough to dry for storage or to give away to friends as a small Christmas gift.


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