October Wind Storm Destroys Property In Colonial Beach

The October-29-2021 Wind Storm Story produced high amounts of wind and rain and cause coastal flooding. The small river town of Colonial Beach was hit hard with damage to piers and some minor damage to roads throughout the town.

Town staff wasted no time in starting cleanup efforts the next morning.


The morning, the air, the water are all eerily still on Saturday morning, October 30, 2021. The day after one of the hardest wind storms of the season and a significant flooding event.

Birds flock to the beach in Colonial Beach spreading their wings and drying out from the last few days of rainy weather. Just two days prior we had storms that left one crabber missing. The search had to be cut short due to yesterdays’ storms.

After surveying the damage to the boardwalk from Colonial to Boundry, I came across several key members of town staff, including Rob Murphy and our new Town Manager India Adams-Jacobs. Both were very focused on surveying the damage to the pier and the beach. As they were walking away I heard one person say, “We’re not worried about the beach right now, first we need to focus on the roads”


So crews have been dispatched about town to clear, repair or whatever needs to be done to open all roads prior to working to restore the beach after yesterday’s erosion event.

Early this morning work was first started on the streets that meet the Potomac, North of Colonial Ave.

I drove down Irving Ave and took video of the damaged piers along the shoreline and a quick trip back from the end of the point to Boundry video taping the homes along Irving.

Drive Down Irving Ave After The Storm

The videos can be slowed down in Youtube controls to help view the damage more thoroughly.

Mayor Robin Schick didn’t waste any time declaring an emergency for the town of Colonial Beach which will greatly aid in getting any relief funding to the town more quickly.


I’ll continue to bring you more news as it becomes available.

Check out the tow videos taken of the storm along Monroe Bay Ave yesterday.

Part One: Wind Storm & Flooding Event Colonial Beach Virginia October 29, 2021

Part Two – Wind Storm & Flooding Event Colonial Beach Virginia October 29, 2021


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