Sharp-Eyed Neighbor Foils Break-in

No one can really be sure what was going through the minds of two drunken men when they tried to burglarize a home in King George, but it’s a pretty good bet they weren’t counting on a sharp-eyed neighbor when they smashed the glass on the front door.


According to a police report King George Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a resident in King George stating that someone was attempting to break in to their neighbor’s home. The owner was out of town and he was the next person the neighbor called after police were dispatched.

Deputies responded to the residence where the incident was occurring. Deputy Rivera and Sgt. Johnson located a vehicle on scene and one male subject lying on the ground in front of the residence with lacerations on his hands.


Upon investigation Deputy Rivera determined the man, 47 year old Norman Ray Ellyson of King George, was significantly intoxicated. Furthermore deputies noted the glass on the front door of the residence had been broken.

While on scene, a witness advised that another man had ran off as deputies were arriving.

Sgt. Johnson patrolled the area and located a man walking on a nearby road. Sgt. Johnson spoke to the man and identified him as 56 year old, Gordon M. Davies, of King George.


Further investigation and Davies’ statements revealed he had been at the scene of the crime with Ellyson, the vehicle at the scene of the crime belonged to Davies and it was also determined Davies was intoxicated.

The homeowner arrived on scene and spoke with the deputies while medics evaluated the two suspects and attended to the injuries on Ellyson’s hands.

Both Ellyson and Davies were placed under arrest. Both men were charged with Public Intoxication, Destruction of Property, and Entering a Property to Damage. They were given unsecured bonds and transported to the Rappahannock Regional Jail to be held until sober.


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