Inmate Makes Stafford Hospital Room A Nightmare

Maybe it was the Northern Lights or maybe it’s because it’s all Hallows Eve but an inmate acting quite  bizarre, turned a Stafford Hospital treatment room into what looked like the scene of a horror movie.

According to the Stafford County Sheriff’s office press release:

Irate Inmate Commits Odoriferous Offense  

An inmate insured his continued incarceration after a grotesque and disturbing outburst at Stafford Hospital yesterday morning.

On October 30 at 6:22 a.m. Deputy W.M. Isenberg responded to Stafford Hospital Center at 101 Hospital Center Boulevard to assist a jail officer.

Deputies are often thrust into disturbing scenes, but it is difficult to prepare for the display that Deputy Isenberg was greeted with.  


The ER room was in complete disarray, with the inmate restrained by one wrist and one leg to the hospital bed.

Despite the restraints, the inmate illustrated a great deal of agility to maneuver the bed throughout the room creating a scene of total chaos.

Blood and fecal matter were strewn about the room as the inmate spouted a stream of vulgarities at the jail officer and deputies.

As deputies attempted to deescalate the situation, the inmate continued to produce fecal matter and throw it around the room.

Deputy Isenberg recognized that OC spray would be a useful tool and hospital staff was asked to remove other patients that could be affected from the area.  

As deputies prepared for a dynamic entry of the room, the suspect began swinging the hospital bed remote by the cord, destroying a computer monitor, television and wall clock.

He was given a final warning to surrender, which he refused, and a burst of OC spray was directed to his face.


The OC spray did not immediately take affect, as the inmate began exposing himself to law enforcement.  

Additional OC spray began to affect the inmate, though he vowed he would not go back to jail. This proved to be wishful thinking, as Sgt. R.K. Pinkard, Deputy A.J. Layug and Deputy Isenberg made entry and secured the inmate.  

The inmate has been identified as Deonta Gray, 30, of Waverly, Virginia. He was already in jail for burglary and Deputy Isenberg will be seeking new charges of vandalism, indecent exposure, and disorderly conduct on hospital grounds.


At the time of the incident he had been discharged from the hospital, but refused to leave. A booking photo is not yet available. No deputies or staff were injured during the incident.


Photos from Stafford County Sheriff’s Office

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