We must trust our local election officials

Colonial Beach Election Results

We will report on the Colonial Beach Election on this page. Of course results won’t officially be in until later tonight or maybe even tomorrow depending on when the County Registrar reports the count.

Weather for election day will start out chilly at about 50 degrees, bring warm apparel. The high today will be 59 at around 2 p.m. and began dropping back down to 52 degrees just as the polls are closing at 7 p.m.


Town Voting Has Brought Out The Finest People!

The Colonial Beach High School is buzzing with candidates and town’s folks catching up after a long two years of being cooped up due to the pandemic. What better way to “happen upon” old friends and neighbors?

This year the citizens of Colonial Beach and Westmoreland County will be voting for one member to represent them in the House of Representatives.

The choices are:

  • Herbert C. “Herb” Jones Jr. Democratic
  • Rob J. Wittman Republican
  • David Bruce Foster Independent
  • Write In Candidates


Herbert C. “Herb” Jones Jr. Democratic2,131
Rob J. Wittman Republican3,761
David Bruce Foster Independent54
Write In Candidates9

Citizens will also vote in two separate elections for council members.

The first race has five candidates on the ballot, from which citizens will choose three. The winners will fill 3 open seats with terms ending on December 31st, 2026.

  • David L. Williams
  • Charles “Chuck” DiNenna
  • Richard Wesley “Rick” Wood
  • Anthony”Tony”DeMonti
  • Bryon L. “Tree” Mack
  • Tony Scisciani, Jr.
  • Kenneth E. Allison Jr.
  • Write In (We are not aware of any write in candidates coming forward this election)
David L. Williams669
Charles “Chuck” DiNenna510
Richard Wesley “Rick” Wood626
Anthony”Tony”DeMonti (Note:Withdrew from the race prior to voting)45
Bryon L. “Tree” Mack538
Tony Scisciani, Jr.219
Kenneth E. Allison Jr.673
Write In34

The second council choice involves a special election. There are two candidates and only one of these can be chosen for this seat. This election will fill a seat for the unexpired term ending on December 31st 2024.

  • Lisette M. Montalvo
  • Vicki Roberson
  • Write In (We are not aware of any write in candidates coming forward this election)
Lisette M. Montalvo505
Vicki Roberson765
Write In 10

Lastly the Town of Colonial Beach is voting for two school board members.

The candidates are:

  • Patrice A. Lyburn
  • Ann M. Ruchty
  • Laura Tabler Allison
  • Write In (We are not aware of any write in candidates coming forward this election)
Patrice A. Lyburn709
Ann M. Ruchty363
Laura Tabler Allison796
Write In25

Folks in Montross will be voting for two council members.

The candidates are:

  • Carolyn K. Carlson
  • Aaron L. Hooks
  • Clinton A. Watson Jr.
  • Write In (We are not aware of any write in candidates coming forward this election)
Carolyn K. Carlson88
Aaron L. Hooks77
Clinton A. Watson Jr.86
Write In13

Polls will be open from Tuesday November 8, 2022 from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Poll locations are:

  • District 1 (Precinct 1-1) Carmel United Methodist Church 5729 Sandy Point Road Kinsale, VA 22488
  • District 1 (Precinct 1-2) A.T. Johnson Human Services Bldg. 18849 Kings Highway Montross, VA 22520
  • District 2 (Precinct 2-1) Cople Elementary School 7114 Cople Highway Hague, VA 22469
  • District 2 (Precinct 2-2) Stratford Harbour Clubhouse 2657 North Independence Drive Montross, VA 22520
  • District 3 (Precinct 3-1) Washington & Lee High School 16380 Kings Highway Montross, VA 22520
  • District 3 (Precinct 3-2) Oak Grove Baptist Family Life Center 8096 Leedstown Road Colonial Beach, VA 22443
  • District 4 (Precinct 4-1) Oak Grove Fire Station 121 James Monroe Highway Colonial Beach, VA 22443
  • District 5 (Precinct 5-1) Colonial Beach High School 100 1st Street Colonial Beach, VA 22443

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