Town Warns Of Effects of Nichole – NOAA Map Tells another story.

The town of Colonial Beach has issued the following warning.

According to Virginia Department of Emergency Management, Tropical Storm Nicole is expected to affect our area Thursday night through Friday night.

Heavy rain of 1-3 inches. Winds from 20-40 mph, with potential gale-force gusts Friday.

US National Weather Service Wakefield VA warns of a tornado and severe thunderstorm threat Friday morning through Friday night.

Consequently, Town Pier will be closed beginning at 5 pm today, Thursday, November 10, until conditions abate. In addition, Sip & Stroll scheduled for Friday has been canceled.


However if you look at the National Hurricane Center’s forecast of Tropical Storm Nichole the NOAA tells a different story.

According to the information provided, Tropical Storm Nichole is (as of 1 p.m. Eastern time on Thursday) located North of Tampa Florida with maximum sustained winds of 45 mph. It is forecast to move along the gulf coast of Florida and through the panhandle, The state of Georgia, parts of South Carolina, and part North Carolina before entering Virginia in the lower western edge. This map forecasts the eye of what is left of Nichole at the boarder of Virginia and West Virginia at what looks like somewhere near Mercer County West Virginia.

Nichole is also predicted by NOAA to be a Tropical Depression by that time which means maximum winds should not exceed 39 miles an hour by definition.


So why are weather experts warning of severe weather on Friday?

It’s due to the atmospheric conditions. Nichole will be bringing showers. Her outer bands will create pop-up storms that could in turn create severe weather with heavy rains, gusty winds and possible tornadoes. Nichole is also bringing a cold front with her and temperatures will be high in our area when the front comes through. This will also bring a chance of severe weather.

This is the radar image as of 2 pm Thursday.

Unless the direction of travel changes significantly Nichole will push these storms our way, reaching us here on the east-coast of Virginia.

Stay alert and stay tuned to weather radio for any quick changing conditions on Friday.

Have a great weekend.

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