Santa Issues Warning To Children All Over the World

Press Release for immediate release:

Children, please be advised that my elves and I have finished the naughty and nice list for this year, however we still have a crack team of watchers who will continue to monitor behavior right up until and through the holidays including New Years. So be on your best behavior.Also we have briefed parents on special needs we have during our Christmas Eve ride. In order to get to each and every house we need your full cooperation. This includes but is not limited to following parental instructions, being kind to friends and neighbors, getting to bed on time and which nutritional needs we require.

Because our ride does cover a lot of ground we require more than just cookies and milk. Some parents have been asked to provide other nutritional treats along our route so please do not questions your parents instructions for Christmas Eve snacks.

Another issue I want to address is the continued question asked by children, “Why did he or she get a more expensive gift than me?”

Every toy or gift we give at Christmas has been thoroughly reviewed by me and my elves to ensure the right gifts are given to each child.

It may not be clear until you are fully grown but every gift will impact your life later in a positive manner. Every child is unique and every child’s needs are different.

Thank you for your assistance and we hope every child has a very Merry Christmas and dreams sweat dreams.

Santa Claus

North Pole

Issued on 12/22/22

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