Map identifying location of closed bridge.


VDOT documentation shows that they knew there was a problem with the small bridge crossing Monroe Creek on Monroe Bay Circle in Westmoreland County. A project had been planned and advertised prior to a portion of the roadway giving way.

The road was unexpectedly closed on Thursday, Dec. 22, 2022, due to a hole that formed in the road from a pipe failure over the crossing of Monroe Creek. Route 658 (Monroe Bay Circle) near Stoney Knoll in Westmoreland County remains closed until further notice.

According to a press release issued on January 5, 2023, The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is currently assessing the damage, reviewing plans, and determining costs to determine if a temporary repair to reopen the roadway is feasible.

While a long-term project to install a concrete double-box culvert is in the design phase, VDOT is working on advancing the project schedule. The project page will continue to be updated as the project moves forward.


Residents of Westmoreland Shores, the area that has been affected by the road closure and long detour, are pleading with their neighbors and surrounding residents to attend the next Westmoreland Board of Supervisors meeting, on January 9, 2023.

“There is a meeting on Monday night at 6 pm at the George D English Sr Memorial building located at 111 Polk St, Montross, VA 22520 about putting in a temporary bridge or roadway to keep this from happening for the next 2 years.

Wayne Hayslett

Hayslett estimates over 400 residents living on Monroe Bay Circle will be affected.


VDOT officials report that the detour has been revised and motorists are encouraged to follow the recommended detour route during the closure. The new detour route is marked with signage. Follow Route 1300 (Shore Drive) to Route 1308 (Rolando Drive) to Route 633 (Holly Vista Drive) then to Route 628 (Stoney Knoll).

The detour will remain in place until the road can either be temporarily reopened or construction of the new box culverts is complete.


VDOT officials warn, the crossing in its current state is not safe to cross and motorists should not drive around the barricades. While it appears on the surface that the asphalt and roadway is sound, this is not the case.

Total estimated cost: $2.8 million
Estimated ad date: April 2025
Estimated completion date: Early 2026

Originally the project was slated for two years in the future.

The proposed project will replace five deteriorated metal pipes under Route 658 (Monroe Bay Circle) over Monroe Creek in Westmoreland County with a concrete double box culvert. 

The project will remove the pipes, install the double box culvert and replace the roadway on Monroe Bay Circle. During construction, crews will close Monroe Bay Circle to traffic between Wakefield Drive and Stoney Knoll. 


The project will remove the corrugated metal pipes, install the concrete double box culvert and replace the roadway on Monroe Bay Circle to improve drainage and travel in the area. 

Despite the closure not being in his district, Westmoreland 5th District Supervisor Timothy J. Trivett posted on facebook, on December 28, 2022:

The road on Stoney Knoll leading into Westmoreland shores has been detoured for several days now. I contacted the Chief Engineer for Westmoreland County and he provided a response to the reopening. “We’ve done an inspection and engineers are reviewing to see if the road can be reopened. It will likely be next week before we send out an updated press release on what the plan is. The road will likely be closed for months and not days or weeks.

Timothy J. Trivett

The Board of Supervisors meeting will be streamed live on the County Facebook Page Westmoreland County Government.

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