Paving Work In CB Has Washington Ave Blocked

June 27, 2018 – 5:00 pm

Crews are repaving the entire section of Washington Ave in Colonial Beach Virginia, from Colonial Ave to Boundry Street.

Workers estimate it will take at least another two hours to complete.

There are no warning signs until you get right to Washington Ave. Nor is there any detour signs.


  • When traveling down Colonial Ave East, towards the River take a right at Lynhaven next to the BB&T Bank.
  • Follow the curve around the Water Tower Ball Field onto Dennison Street.
  • At the first stop sign take a right onto Garfield Ave.
  • Continue to Boundry Street to access areas on the Point. Boundry is not blocked for the repaving.
Paving has entire downtown blocked off for at least two hours on Wednesday June 27.

UPDATE: Town officials said paving will resume again tomorrow (Thursday) and be complete that same day.

Linda Farneth                Colonial Beach News


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