Bitter Sweet Moment For Student Liaison Nina Davila-Paz

Bitter Sweet Moment For Student Liaison Nina Davila-Paz

By Linda Farneth

The June 13 school board meeting was a bitter-sweet moment for Nina Davila-Paz as she was nearing graduation, had received several thousand dollars in scholarships to help with her next chapter in life, but she also had to say goodbye to friends, family and school board members.

Nina has been the Student Liason to the Colonial Beach School Board throughout the 2018-2019 school year. She will move on to George Mason University soon but she had some parting words for school board members.

“I just have to point out that it has been a fantastic year. I’m also happy and sad at this moment. I’m going to be graduating Saturday so this will be my last meeting. I’ll be heading to George Mason University to study Bio Engineering.”

School Board Chairman Tim Trivett said…

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