Colonial Beach – Lack of Audit Report May Violate State Code

Colonial Beach – Lack of Audit Report May Violate State Code

By Linda Farneth

Usually by now the town staff is wrapping up audit talks and eager to get a break from facts and figures, however Colonial Beach Town Manager Quinn Robertson said the town is running behind on their audit report this year. Quinn anticipates a report in Mid to late January.

According to Virginia State Code: “Localities shall have all their accounts and records, including all accounts and records of their constitutional officers, audited annually as of June 30 by an independent certified public accountant in accordance with the specifications furnished by the Auditor of Public Accounts. The certified public accountant shall present a detailed written report to the local governing body at a public session by the following December 31.”

The penalty listed in the state code reads, “In the event that a locality fails to obtain the annual audit prescribed by this subsection, the Auditor of Public Accounts may undertake the audit or may employ the services of certified public accountants and charge the full cost of such services to the locality.”

In response to this penalty Mayor Eddie Blunt said he does not think this will apply since the town already has an auditing firm under contract…

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