Winter Solstice And Seasonal Affective Disorder

Garden Log 12-21-19

Today is Winter Solstice, which means it is the shortest day of sunlight for the year.

Tomorrow the days will start being longer, well they won’t really be longer but the time the sun shines will increase by a few minutes each day.

For someone who is prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder, this is good news.

Seasonal Affectice Disorder is a form of depression that hits some people during the Fall and Winter months. Experts attribute the depression to a lack of sunshine which can result in a lack of vitamin D. I have always believed that the “holiday season” and a person’s lack of social contacts may play a part in the depression that comes with SAD.

At any rate, getting out in the sunlight, interacting with others and a visit to your doctor are all good recommendations if you think you are suffering from SAD.

With Winter Solstice here, we can say goodbye to those short days of sunlight and look forward to those small additions of extra rays of sunshine each day until Summer Solstice is here.

So with that, those of us on the East Coast, we will see the sun set today before 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

I still have yet to plant my little trooper. (My last tomato of the year) So maybe today will be the right day.

I have so much still to do to prepare for Christmas. I want to set aside my stress until December 26th, when I will embark on a week long cleaning and purging binge to cast away the negative energy that has built up in 2019.

Follow along if you so desire. In the mean time, Happy Winter Solstice!



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