CBPD Will Show Leniency for Colonial Beach Town Stickers

CBPD Will Show Leniency for Colonial Beach Town Stickers

By Linda Farneth

Colonial Beach News has reached out to CBPD Chief Bruce Hough to discuss the current closure of town hall and it’s affect on citizens being able to purchase town stickers.

In light the recent town hall closings Chief Hough said his department will continue to allow residents a grace period as they have in the past. Due to the mandatory closing of Town Hall Hough plans to discuss the issue with town officials and will issue a formal statement concerning any deadlines that will be imposed in the future, based on the availability of purchasing stickers.

For now Chief Hough said town citizens will not be ticketed for out of date stickers and current town stickers will still be valid for parking at metered areas.

According to town code decals must be placed on cars no later than April 30 of each year. Parking is free to town residents all year round. Paid parking runs from the first day of April until the first day of December of each year.

Chief Hough indicated that he and town officials will work together to ensure citizens have enough time to purchase town stickers, based on the length of town hall closures, before issuing any tickets and will keep citizens informed in the form of press releases that will be posted on the town’s website.


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