Kent County Accident Takes Young Mans Life

Another life was cut way too short this weekend in a single vehicle accident Friday evening in New Kent County.

The driver Darious J. Gullus, only 25 succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident.

Darious, a resident of Chesterfield Virginia was the driver and sole occupant of a 2016 Honda that drifted off road and struck several trees. Speed was not indicated in the report but investigations revealed a gradual departure. (indicating the driver did not react)


According to a press release from Public Information Officer Sergeant Dylan Davenport, At 9:29 p.m. on Friday (Oct 1) Virginia State Police troopers responded to a crash on I – 64 at the 209 mile marker.

A 2016 Honda was headed west when it drifted off the road to the left and struck multiple trees in the median.

The investigation indicates a gradual departure from the roadway without braking prior to impact.

Daruis J. Gillus, 25, of Chesterfield Va succumbed to his injuries on scene.

Gillus was the driver and sole occupant of the Honda. He was wearing a seat belt.

This is one of two accidents Virginia State Police are investigating from this weekend that involved vehicles “gradually leaving the road way” with no apparent break marks or skid marks, indicating the driver did nothing to stop the vehicle or perform corrective actions.


The second involved A 2008 Ford F150 that ran off the road in Louisa County, struck a tree, and caught fire.

This can happen for several reasons including; the driver fell asleep (driver fatigue), the driver was distracted such as looking away from the road at the radio or an electronic device or the driver was incapacitated from a medical emergency such as a heart attack.

Another factor that contributes to a lack of driver corrective action is being impaired by drugs or alcohol. (However neither of these were reported in either of these crashes.)

These accidents claimed lives and left VSP Troopers encouraging motorists to use seat belts, approved motorcycle helmets, and to avoid driving while fatigued.

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