Stafford County Sheriff’s Deputies Have All The Fun!

Bogus Boss Boondoggle

That’s what Stafford County Sheriff’s Office called this press release. It seems on enterprising person decided to pose as motel manager over the phone and succeeded in talking several employees into attempting to rob the hotel safe.

Remember, no matter what the caller asks for sending money through western union, or in the form of gift cards is always a suspicious request!

This definitely qualifies in the category of…

HASHTAG – “We can’t make this stuff up!”


According to the report:

A recent fraudulent call to a local motel [in Stafford County] caused significant damage to a safe, but the suspect was unable to get any money.

On December 4th at 10:05 a.m. Deputy D.J. Taylor responded to a Stafford County motel for a fraud investigation.

Staff reported a caller, masquerading as the motel owner, convinced the employees to break into a safe.


Employees believed they were speaking with the true motel owner and broke windows to enter the room containing the safe.

The impersonating proprietor proceeded to persuade the clerks to break into the safe by tossing it from a window.

The stubborn safe, like the members of the marching band in Don McLean’s song “American Pie,” refused to yield.

Undeterred, employees attempted a toss of the safe from a second story window. The safe still refused to concede.

Finally, staff enlisted the assistance of a motel guest. The third time proved to be the charm as the defeated strongbox surrendered.


Staff was next instructed to wire the money to the bogus boss’s bank account.

Fortunately, the small amount of money from the safe was not wired and is back in the custody of the true owner.

Employees are reminded to be wary of phone scams requesting cash from the business be wired or sent via gift card.

This is not the first case we have seen of fictitious manager fraud, but this is the most determined we have seen staff attempt to comply.

The motel name is being withheld to protect the victims.

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